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  • , you don’t have to “self-disclose” every time. Cite a fact, tell an anecdote, talk about someone you know with mental illness. Every little bit helps. (And eventually you will find yourself self-disclosing….and it will be very freeing and validating — and mind-expanding to the person you’re talking to!)

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  • The dates the investigators have used show that the ssn obama uses was only starting to be used a lot around the same time that he met bill (we use fake ssn's to create identities) ayers. Prior to that time, he only used the ssn once. And that was for the very strange selective service app.Every person in gov't and the media knows these facts, too. When the gov't comes tumbling down as a result of how corrupt it all is, guess who'll get the blame?Us, of course. You don't really expect them to admit guilt, do you? They never will. Ever.

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